Joint (reducing coupling) with wear resistant threads for tubing

Joints are intended for substantial increase the time between overhauls and the service life of technological tubing.

Use of joints allows to preserve the tightness of threaded part after repeated operations of coupling/uncoupling during the round- trip operations, avoiding the tubing surface damage caused by tong  and spider dies. The guaranteed life of one suspension before repair with use of joints depends on a type of the performed works (see Technical Data Sheet).

The joint consists of wear resistant connecting elements: a coupling and a pipe adapter made from high-strength steels with special coatings of threads which are mounted on the opposite ends of the connected tubing.                                                              

Installation of joints can be made in pipe control shops or Central Service Base both on new pipes, and on being in operation, rejected because of threaded parts but suitable on the body.

Depending on the applied tubing and hydraulic tongs various designs of joints are developed:

  • according to length: extended and short;
  • diameters of tubing (GOST 633-80): V-60 mm; 60 mm; V-73; 73      mm; 88,9 mm;
  • wall thickness of tubing: according to GOST 633-80 or special – 11 mm;
  • strength grade: Е, L, M, R (GOST 633-80)
Diameter of tubing, mm Wall thickness, mm Length of joint, mm Strength grade Designation
73 5,5 261; 329 Е ИС-09. …
73 5,5 529 Е ИС-10. …
73 выс. 5,5 650 Е ИС-34. …
89 6,5 1360 Л ИС-71. …
89 7,34 1339; 1480 Л ИС-75. …
73 5,5 1346 Е ИС-77. …

and other standard sizes of joints (reducing couplings) according to the Catalog of the Enterprise.

Our enterprise increases production capacities for production of joints for tubing of  various diameters and designs.

Tubing subs

Tubing subs are intended for connection tubing strings of different diameters, and also subsurface equipment and devices which have connecting ends with tubing threads, used during operation of oil and gas wells.     

Diameter of tubing, mm Length, mm Strength grade Designation
П60 х 73 165 Е ИС-140.003
П73 х 60 190 Е ИС-140.004
П73 х 89 175 Е ИС-140.005
П НКМ-114 х НКМ-102 250 М ИС-140.021
П НКМ-102 х 89-М 185 М ИС-140.023
114 х НКМ-102 240 М ИС-140.022

and other standard sizes of tubing subs according to the Catalog of the Enterprise.

Tubing pup joints

Tubing pup joints are intended for installation and positioning of tubing strings in specified intervals required for operating the subsurface equipment.

Diameter of tubing, mm Length, mm Wall thickness, mm Strength grade Designation
73 х 73 orders 7 Е ИС-87.002-01
В-73 х 73 orders 5,5 Л ИС-127.001

and other standard sizes of tubing pup joints according to the Catalog of the Enterprise

 Different types of joints, tubing subs and tubing pup joints are safely used in oil fields in the Urals, West Siberia, the Volga region, on the Sakhalin Island and in the CIS region. The developed designs are protected by the patent of the Russian Federation (Certificate for useful model No. 10 823 from 16.08.1999; No. 14 995 from 23.03.2000)

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