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The Perm Scientific Research Technological Institute  (JSC “PNITI”) was established in 1963 to provide solutions of tasks for development and application of modern equipment ensuring top-rate production technology and management support. The activities of the Institute have been noted by the Lenin Prize and two  State Awards, the Award of Council of Ministers of the USSR, received more than hundred invention certificates and patents, tens of medals of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements  of the USSR for up-to-date developments. PNITI and  similar enterprises in Moscow, Leningrad, Sverdlovsk, Izhevsk were engaged in the development and implementation of new technologies, the preparation of production of new products at the fixed enterprises. The product range released by the plants of the Ministry with our participation was huge — from baby carriages, bicycles, tractors and drilling equipment to artillery mounts and missile systems. The structure of the Institute included departments consisting of several laboratories and big workshops of pilot production equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Today JSC “PNITI” is:

– professionalism and high intellectual potential of the team of designers, product engineers and workers;

– complex capacities with the unique equipment providing production from workpiece to assembly and implementation;

– modern organization and pre-production engineering;

– quality system of production according to GOST R ISO 9001-2015;

– service and consultation for the Customer;

– enterprise adapted to conditions of the changing market.

JSC “PNITI” for the general mechanical engineering:


–  production of close tolerance parts by hot and cold deformation, including lengthy tubes on radial forging machines and die forgings on multiplunger presses with force of  1000 tons;

– production of high-precision lengthy hollow details;

– manufacturing of workpieces and parts from carbon composite materials with unique physical and mechanical properties;

– production of bimetallic precision pipes;

– ion-vacuum nitriding of details in the glow discharge;

– casting from aluminum and non- ferrous alloys;

Equipment and tools:

– cutting tools for processing of deep holes;

– assembly stands and berths;

– non-standard processing equipment;

– measuring devices (“Kaskad”, “Struna”, “Visit”);

– installations for ion-vacuum nitriding.

JSC “PNITI”  for energy industry:

– for the first time in the Russian Federation a production of subsurface sucker rod pumps of different modifications from domestic parts was mastered;

– technologies and equipments are developed:

    – for production of hardly removable reserves of oil (viscous emulsion oils with high gas factors);

    – for deep hydraulic perforation of oil formations;

    – for increase of resources of tubing and drill pipes;

    – for repair of active oil and gas pipelines;

– production of the import-substituting equipment (with spare parts) for the oil and gas industry is developed and mastered.

Successfully solving technological and organizational problems of enterprises of the fuel and energy complex for three last decades, JSC “PNITI” breaks new grounds: development of technologies and  production of the equipment for enterprises of the nuclear industry, mining machinery manufacturing, construction industry.

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