Sleeves from titanium, stainless steels, zirconium

Now JSC “PNITI” has a wide experience of working of semi-finished products from titanium and zirconium alloys, corrosion-proof and heat-resistant steels.

For the enterprises of the nuclear industry JSC “PNITI” has developed a production of high-precision semi-finished products of pipe parts (sleeve) for the subsequent cold rolling with the following parameters:

Outer diameter, mm 30…105
Wall thickness, mm 5…15
Length, mm 700…4000
Variations in wall thickness overall length, mm, no more than 0,4
Roughness of external surface, Ra, no more than 1,6
Roughness of the internal bore, Ra, no more than 0,8

Parts are made with use of the high-performance equipment, such as a radial forging machine. Possibilities of our equipment allow to manufacture workpieces as close as possible to a ready part. There is a possibility of production of parts of variable cross-sections.

The combination of the available equipment for boring of pipes with the subsequent radial forging allows to produce a pipe practically of any standard sizes. Besides, after carrying out forging operations mechanical properties of parts are improved by 40%.

JSC “PNITI”  has a license for the right of production of the equipment for nuclear power plants and objects of a nuclear fuel cycle. Among our partners, there are such large enterprises as JSC “ChMZ” (Glazov), JSC “MSZ” (Elektrostal), etc.

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