We invite your organization to take part in the tenders for the supply of goods and materials (services). The plan of tendering process is published in this website.

The tender will be carried out in two steps:

the first stage – preliminary qualification of Applicants, on the basis of the provided Questionnaires of the Applicant and the Preliminary Application for participation in the tender on which will be made the preliminary selection of participants of the tender;

the second stage – carrying out the tender (live or remote participation) in which the preferred tenderer for the signing of the contract for the supply of goods and materials (rendering of services) will be defined.

In case of your interest, we suggest to send to the Tender Board of JSC “PNITI” “Questionnaire of the Applicant” and “Preliminary Application for participation in the tender” by Fax: (342) 281-01-90, (342) 281-01-90 or to E-mail: tender@pniti.ru.

To get consultations for rules of tendering process in our organization You can refer to Ph..: (342) 240-25-71 (342) 240-25-71.

Questionnaire of the Applicant

Preliminary Application


Plan of tendering process for the 1st quarter 2018.

Appendix No. 1 Conducting of the Energy Audit of the Enterprise. 

Appendix No. 2 Delivery of a carriage for the paint booth.

Appendix No. 3 Installation of the Fire Alarm System.

Appendix No. 4 Supply of equipment for clearing of oil fog from RT machine.

Appendix No. 5 Supply of universal screw-cutting lathe