Undersurface core drilling machine (BPM-1К)

Undersurface core drilling machine is intended for drilling of prospecting wells (with preservation of the interior of rock in the form of a core- sample) and technological shot- holes and wells  (solid face) up to 50 m in depth in underground mine workings which are dangerous because of gas (methane) and dust contents.

Drilling is possible, both with air blowing from the installed compressor, and from a hook-on compressor set, and also with washing from the hook-on pump station.

The manipulator of the machine allows to make a circular drilling in the section of mine workings with a minimum height of 2,4 m, and also a drilling in a face.

Small overall dimensions and the maneuverability of the machine allow to carry out works in the mine workings passed by mining combines  Ural-10R  (S=9,4 m2) and Ural-61A (S=8 m2).

Movement of the machine on mine workings and execution of works for drilling is carried out as in the independent mode (from the diesel drive), and with a power supply from the mine power supply network.

On the request of the customer, the machine can be completed with a hand hydraulic and pneumatic tool (chainsaw, hammer drill, air- hammer, power wrench, etc.).

Technical features

Drilling specifications:
Rock strength acc.to the scale of Prof. M. Protodyakonov f≤8
Drilling diameter with core recovery, mm 76; 93
Drilling diameter (solid face), mm 42; 48
Drilling depth, m up to 50
Minimal head room, m 2,4
Type of drilling rotary drilling with air blowing
Speed, km/h 0…12
Axle configuration 4х4
Ground clearance, mm, no less than 200
Climb grade, degree not less than 12
Turning radius on overall dimensions, m not more than 15
Capacity of cable- reel, m not less than 200
Power output, kW:  
      in electric drive mode  45
      in diesel drive mode 60 
Supply voltage, V  660/1140
Electric equipment of electric drive conforms to the 1. group of electric equipment acc. to GOST 30852.0 (mine- type, explosion-proof)
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), m 7,2х2,0х2,0 
Weight of the machine, tons not more than 10 

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