January 30, 2018

In the territory of AO “PNITI” the presentation of a new development – the  underground core drilling  machine (BPM-1K) was carried out.  There were a governor of Perm Krai and customer’s representatives – OOO “Evrokhim-Usolsky Potash Plant“. As the head of the Permskiy Krai noted the implementation of this order is a result of the successful industrial cooperation.

The customer highly appreciated unique characteristics of the new machine and covered last presentation in material for the corporate newspaper (No. 3).

Evrokhim uses unique Russian underground drilling machines at the Usolskiy Potash Plant that is under construction in the Permskiy Krai.

This new drilling installation was developed in Perm by request of the Evrokhim-Usolskiy Potash Plant. A production equipment prototype of the underground core drilling machine (BPM-1K) was designed and manufactured by the Perm Scientific Research Technological Institute (AO “PNITI”).

Underground core drilling machine is intended for drilling of prospecting wells (with preservation of the interior of rock in the form of a core- sample) and technological shot- holes and wells  (solid face) up to 50 m in depth in underground mine workings which are dangerous because of gas (methane) and dust contents. Drilling is possible, both with air blowing from the installed compressor, and from a hook-on compressor set, and also with washing from the hook-on pump station. The manipulator of the machine allows to make a circular drilling in the section of mine workings with a minimum height of 2,4 m, and also a drilling in a face. 

Small overall dimensions and the maneuverability of the machine allow to carry out works in the mine workings passed by mining combines  Ural-20R  at the Usolskiy Potash Plant. Movement of the machine on mine workings and execution of works for drilling is carried out as in the independent mode (from the diesel drive), and with a power supply from the mine power supply network. For the development of the unique machine research engineers needed about one and a half years.

The solemn presentation of the unique drilling underground machine was carried out at the Perm Scientific Research Technological Institute with the participation of the governor of Perm Krai Mr. Maksim Reshetnikov, representatives of AO “PNITI”, staff members of the Usolskiy Potash Plant and other industrial enterprises of the region.

– Implementation of this project is a result of successful industrial cooperation. Today the fundamentals of the regional economy are made by raw material companies which actively master deposits of the Perm earth. In the territory of the Perm Krai a number of large projects, large even in terms of the scope of Russian Federation is implemented, and one of these projects is a creation of new production of the Evrokhim company, It is very important that investments of the company turn into orders for our engineering enterprises, – Maxim Reshetnikov, the governor of the Perm Krai noted.

Cooperation of the Usolskiy Potash Plant with the Perm Scientific Research Technological Institute is conducted since 2016. Today several industrial machines are already delivered to this enterprise, including four machines for mechanized screw-type roof bolting construction (MVK) and one underground core drilling machine (BPM-1K) for conducting exploration works in underground conditions.

–  We already managed to work with the machine for mechanized screw-type roof bolting (MVK) developed by specialists of PNITI. This is a reliable and convenient equipment in service. The equipment perfectly proved to be in practice, workers quickly mastered her. Reliability for us is in the first place. And therefore we hope that this unique, not only for Perm Krai, but also for Russia, underground drilling machine allows to ensure the safety of mining operations and to increase performance of the new potash enterprise”, – Andrey Bruyev, the deputy technical director of OOO “Evrokhim-UKK” emphasized.

The underground core drilling machine (BPM-1K) became a debut in the market of the domestic engineering industry. The first sample already came in the Evrokhim enterprise being in construction in Perm Krai where today the most advanced and hi-tech equipment in the potash industry is implemented. For the enterprise which begins to tap the Verkhnekamskiy resources of potassium-magnesium salts, the geological exploration plays a key role. This special equipment just ensures the safety of mining operations. According to experts, it is powerful, compact and twice cheaper than foreign analogs. There are no similar machines for the mining industry in Russia.

— There were no such machines in our country, abroad there are analogs, but they are much more by the size and less mobile. The main uniqueness of our new machine consists just in mobility: through the use of this machine, mineworkers of Usolye will be able quickly to resolve the issues connected with drilling. Besides, the installation can work in places with high accumulation of methane, – Danil Adilov, the chief designer of AO “PNITI” explained.


Now at the Usolskiy Potash Plant, the machines for the mechanized screw- type roof bolting construction on the universal self-propelled chassis (MVK) developed in PNITI are tested and used. The feature of this equipment consists that the availability of two drives — diesel and electric allows to use most effectively this installation as in excavations where airing is performed at the expense of the mine ventilating pressure drop, and in the deadlock zones dangerous because of gas and dust. The depth of drilling of the shot (hole) is up to 1,9 meters. The speed of movement of the machine – 12 km/h. Machine weight – 8 tonnes.

Today mineworkers of the Usolылшн Potash Plant continue a driving of mine and capital developments and complete construction, precommissioning and start up works  on all industrial facilities, including the infrastructure of the enterprise. Now at the new potash mine 8 combine systems “Ural-20R” are assembled and in operation. Since the beginning of mining operations, more than 19 kilometers of mine and capital developments are passed, about 900 thousand tons of rock salt and more than 30 thousand tons of sylvinite ore are wound up. The industrial production of potassium chloride at the new mine “Evrokhim” is planned to begin  in 2018.

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