Pipeline shutdown installation OR-1311

The Installation is intended for temporary tight shutdown of the repaired section of the pipeline on one or both sides from a product  being under pressure (no more than 1.6 MPa) of a product (water, gas, oil).

The shutdown installation is entered into the pipeline through the shutoff valves established on the corresponding outlet with diameters of 150 or 200 mm which is previously welded on to the pipeline and through a temporary opening with a diameter of 132 or 170 mm. This installation is used in explosive zones of the class “2” according to GOST R 51330.9.

Technical characteristics
Designation OR-1311
Diameter of the blocked pipeline, mm  325  377 530  426  273 
Diameter of temporary opening, mm  132  132 170  170  132 
Wall thickness, mm  from 6 to 12 from 6 to 12  from 6 to 12  from 6 to 12  from 6 to 12 
Pipeline pressure, MPa (kg/ccm2)  1,6(16) 1,6(16)  1,6(16)  1,6(16)  1,6(16) 
Overall dimensions, mm  3600х340х340 3600х340х340   5500х405х405 5500х405х405  3600х340х340 
Weight, kg  210 210  340  340  210 

Attention: Use of the pipeline shutdown installation is possible only with branch pipes which are a part of the “KORT” for exact orientation of a locking- rotary part of the installation along the axis of the pipe.

Certificate of conformity

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