Device “Centre-6”, “Centre-6K”

The device is intended for measuring of non- uniform thickness (wall variations) of parts (pipes) and technological alignment of tubular billets on turning lathes in order to reach minimum non-uniform thickness (thickness variations) when lathe turning, for turning of collars (“journal”), concentric inner surfaces of pipes.

Measurement method
Mechanical linear measurement of the radial run out of the outer surface of the part (pipe) rotating on its axis and ultrasonic measurement of wall thickness of the part are carried out simultaneously. Based on measurement results a non- uniform thickness (wall variations) of the pipe and a run out of the inner surface in relation to the part rotation axis (pipe) are determined. Measurement results are indicated on the panel of the device.

Basic technical specifications

The outer diameter of the checked part (pipe), mm 80 – 350
Wall thickness of the checked pipe, mm 15 – 105
Value, mm:
              of the scale ± 1,0 mm
              of the scale ± 5,0 mm


The range of measurements of the run out of the outer and inner surfaces and the non- uniform thickness (wall variations), mm 0 – 10
Measurement error, mm, no more than:
   – wall variations P (mm)                                                        
   – run out H (mm) of the outer surface
   – run out of the inner surface           
   – wall thickness

0,08+0,02 Р

0,04+0,02 Н
0,09+0,015 (Р+Н)

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