Machining of deep precise holes

Now in the JSC “PNITI” a wide experience in machining of deep precise holes in parts from various materials is obtained (titanium and zirconium alloys, corrosion-proof and heat resisting steels, etc.).

Our opportunities in machining of deep holes:

Machining methods:

Drilling in solid materials all drilled material is removed in the form of chips, diameter of drilling: from 80 to 250 mm
Trepan drilling only a ring space is drilled out , use of the drilled core is possible, diameter of drilling: from 80 to 250 mm
Rough and fine boring machining of previously cast or drilled holes, requirements for arrangement of hole axis, its straightness, accuracy of the diameter sizes and roughness of the surface are provided
Burnishing through rolling is applied if tolerances have to be less, and the quality of the surface is higher than in the listed processing methods
Honing accuracy of diameter of 0,03 mm, roughness Ra 0,4 are achieved

Except production of parts the  JSC “PNITI” renders services in development of technologies of machining of deep holes with the design and manufacturing of  tools.

Types of the designed and manufactured tools:

Boring head with blocks

Rolling heads

Honing heads

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