Brief history of the company

1963 —  according to Order No. 384 from 01.07.1963 of the State Committee for Defense Equipment a Branch No. 2 of the Moscow Research Institute Nr. 40 (NITI- 40) was created in Perm.

1967 — according to Order No. 817 from 26.12.1967 of the  Minister of the defense industry the Branch was reorganized into the Perm Scientific Research Technological Institute (PNITI) – a lead technological institute of the First Head Department of the Ministry of the defense industry (Minoboronprom).

Jurisdictional enterprises:

  • Volgograd Plant for Drilling Equipment;
  • Votkinsk Machine- Building Plant;
  • Gorky Machine- Building Plant;
  • Perm Machine- Building Plant ;
  • Petropavlovskiy Plant of Heavy Machine- Building Plant;
  • Production Association “Barricady”, Volgograd;
  • Sterlitamak Machine- Building Plant (since 1982).

“PNITI” and similar enterprises in Moscow, Leningrad, Sverdlovsk, Izhevsk were engaged in development and introduction of new technologies, preparation of production on assigned plants. The product range released by plants of Minoboronprom with our participation was huge — from baby carriages, bicycles, tractors and drilling equipment to artillery weapons and start-up missile systems. The structure of the institute was comprised of divisions consisting of several laboratories and big shops of pilot- scale production complete with the most modern for those times equipment. A part of divisions was engaged in development of new technologies for metallurgical treatment (stamping, including on polyurethane, forging, welding, heat treatment, different types of coverings, machining of deep holes, finishing) and another part of divisions supervised concrete activities of jurisdictional enterprises of the First Head Department of the Ministry. Designer developed various processing equipments and accessories, including automatic lines and welding panels, machines of different function. All this was made in pilot production and if necessary was duplicated.

In the seventies specialists of “PNITI” actively participated in development and introduction of new products, including in nuclear power engineering.

1993 — the Institute was reorganized to the Open JSC

“Perm Scientific Research Technological Institute” (OJSC “PNITI”). The institute is a part of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Department of conventional arms, ammunition and special chemistry.

After carrying out political and economic reforms in the country PNITI has acquired a new status — the state enterprise was incorporated by staff. The share of the state orders in the output of the enterprise was decreased up to 5-10%, many specialists were “out of work”. In this “troublous” time the General director  of the  institute Mr. Aleksandr S. Malafeev and the staff has chosen only the correct way of preservation and development of the enterprise – relying on the available scientific and engineering potential and production capacities –  to create that production which would have demand in market conditions, including import-substituting products. So during the very short time the big listed products of oil and gas industry have been developed and mastered – subsurface sucker- rod pumps of various modifications, various units for repair of wells and intensification of oil production, including the equipment for carrying out hydraulic fracturing of layers working with pressure up to 100 bar, hydraulic and mechanical punchers, units for repair of pipelines without removal of pressure,  wear resistant tool joints for tubing raising their resource of work to 150 hoisting operations without repair (norm – 10-15 operations), etc.

Organization of marketing department and individual approach of developers to each customer, the maximum accounting of their requirements for design and production of the equipment, reasonable price policy have allowed to win quickly enough strong positions in a field of activity, new for “PNITI”. Now the share of orders of oil industry in the output makes more than 60%, and, except supply of equipment, our specialists carry out everything in a bigger volume services for carrying out hydraulic perforation of wells, repair and reconstruction of pipelines.

For the last 2-3 years, especially with acquisition and commisioning of the new radial- forging machine (the first model SXP-16 has been installed in 1981 and successfully works now with full load) the amount of works according to orders of the enterprises of nuclear industry has sharply increased.

In 2010, at the initiative of our young designers and in compliance with the contract with JSC “Uralkali”, an industrial sample, new for our enterprise, – machine for mechanized screw- type roof  bolting construction (MVK) was developed and manufactured for application in mines for extraction of minerals. On technical characteristics this machine  exceeds the best world analogs and has successfully passed tests. For the beginning of the current year the order for 5 such machines is received.

In recent years such our developments as manifold units MM-105, units for repair of pipelines “KORT”, hydraulic and mechanical punchers, installations for ion  nitride hardening are included into the list of winners of the competitions “100 best goods of Russia”.

In “PNITI”, since 1997 a “Quality management system of the enterprise” is conforming to the international ISO 9000, ISO 9001 standards and is constantly modernized.

11 specialists have defended doctoral dissertations in “PNITI” or based on results of the works begun at the institute, candidate dissertations — 33 persons, 9 specialists became Winners of State Science Award and Lenin Prize of the USSR.

Thus, in the run-up to the 50 anniversary from the date of foundation the “Perm Scientific Research Institute” is a modern machine-building enterprise which is constantly increasing the outputs and the nomenclature of high technology products. From 2000 till present volumes of  production, product sales and services have grown more than by 7 times. The number of workers grows, production facilities are updated, wage and social security of the staff are increased. Social objects – children’s camp, recreation facility, a first-aid post with a dental surgery, canteen, sport center are supported in proper condition.

The financial position of our enterprise, existence of highly skilled staff personnel, including young people, stable demand for our products and its updating allow to look forward with sufficient confidence.

2016  – the Institute was reorganized to the Joint-Stock Company “Perm Scientific  Research Technological Institute” (JSC “PNITI”).