Unit for cold cutting of pipes SM-307

The unit is intended for mechanical cutting of pipes with simultaneous preparation of edges of the pipe for welding, including cutting on isolation. It is equipped with two tension chain and is stable in the direction of the movement (feed) and isn’t sensitive to defects of a pipe (dents and out-of-roundness up to 50 mm are allowed). The accuracy of pipe cuts is provided through directing formers for the  concrete standard size of the pipe: 219; 273; 325; 377; 426; 508; 530; 610; 630; 720; 820; 1020; 1120; 1220; 1320; 1420.

Working tool:

  • disk angle-milling cutter of d=125 mm, d=140 mm, d=160 mm
  • disk cutoff milling cutter of d=150 mm

Drive – electric motor of explosion-proof execution, N=2.2 kW, n = 2870 rpm. Type of electric current – 3 phase, 380 V, 50 Hz.

Standard configuration of the unit CM-307.000-01: unit, milling- cutter, electric cabinet, control desk, cable and special key. A self- contained unit for cooling of milling- cutters and guiding formers of the required standard sizes are delivered at extra cost.

Cooperation in rendering services, delivery of spare parts, tools and training of operators for work at the unit SM-307 are possible.

The design of SM-307 is protected by the Russian patent No. 9408 from 09.06.1998 of the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks.

The unit is allowed by Gosgortekhnadzor and Gosstandard for operation in all territory of Russia.

Certificate of conformity

Technical characteristics
Diameter of the pipe to be cut

219-1420 mm

Wall thickness

до16 mm

Speed of cutting (feed)

30 mm/min

Minimum clearance under a pipe

405 mm

Weight, no more than

95 kg


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