Complex of the equipment for repair of pipelines (KORT-1.000)

The complex of the equipment for repair of pipelines (KORT-1.000) is intended for cutting out and replacement of defective sections, cutting- in and out of various processing equipments on active pipelines, including oilfield, main and oil- products pipelines. It is repaired at the stop of feeding or without stopping feeding the pipelines (in case of application of the safe line).


  • reduction of time of a stop of the pipeline for repair of the defective section of the pipeline;
  • solution of a problem of the extraction of the get stuck clearing or diagnostic equipment  and inline devices in any section of the pipeline that allows reducing a risk of performance of these operations to a minimum or acceptable level;
  • reduction of volume of construction of access roads for exportation of discharged  fluids from the pipeline;
  • shutdown of the pipeline is made through the small opening which isn’t weakening the pipeline.
Diameter of the repaired pipeline, mm        325, 377, 426, 530
Thickness of a wall of the repaired pipeline, mm from 6 to 12
Maximum pressure in the pipeline during the carrying out repair works, MPa (kg/cm2) 1,6 (16)
Total weight of the equipment entering a complex, kg 2600 (netto); 3700 (brutto)

Structure of the complex KORT

Designation Name Ø 273 mm Ø 325 mm Ø 377 mm Ø 426 mm Ø 530 mm
KORT-1.273 KORT-1.325 KORT-1.377 KORT-1.426 KORT-1.530
OR-1311.00.000-01 Pipeline shutdown unit   х
OR-1311.00.000-01   х
OR-1311.00.000-02 х        
OR-1311.00.000-02 х        
OR-1311.00.000-03   х
OR-1311.00.000-03   х
OR-1311.00.000-04   х
OR-1311.00.000-04   х
OR-1311.00.000-05   х
OR-1311.00.000-05   х
OR-1311.13.000 System of drain of gases х х х х х

(in a set the combined Ø tool of 132 mm)

Unit for cold cutting out х х х

(in a set the UKhV-300 adapter. 12.00.000 DN 300/DN 200 and the combined Ø tool of 170 mm)

Unit for cold cutting out х х
SM-307.000 Unit for cold cutting of pipes х х х х х
OR-1310.000-01 Pipe nipple sealing device with DN of 150 mm х х х
OR-1310.000-03 Pipe nipple sealing device with DN of 200 mm х х

“Stages of pipeline repair” download

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