Machine for mechanized screw-type roof bolting construction based on universal self-propelled chassis (MVK)

Machine MVK  and its modifications are equipped with self- propelled chassis and are intended for mechanization of screw-type roof bolting construction in mine workings.

Availability of two drives – diesel and electrical allows to use the machine most effectively both in mine workings which are ventilated due to the general air-pressure drop and in dead-end mines which are dangerous because of gas and dust contents. Design of the machine makes it possible to connect additionally both electrical (127 V) and pneumatic (up to 10 bar) equipment.

This product is certified and has Permissions of Rostekhnadzor and Gospromnadzor of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Republic of Belarus to application in the mines which are dangerous because of gas and dust contents.

Technical features

Height of the rock bolts installation, m 2,8…6
Rock strength acc. to the scale of Prof. M. Protodyakonov f ≤ 4
Bore drilling machine cassette capacity, anchors, pcs. 6
Drilling diameter, mm 26…42
Type of drilling* rotary drilling with air blowing
Drilling depth, m up to 1,9
Roof-bolt length, m from 1,1 to 1,8
Tool feed speed, regulable, m/s 0…0,1
Drilling thrust, H 5000
Maximal speed of machine, km/h 12
Climbing angle, degree, not less than 12
Ground clearance, mm, not less than 200
Minimal turning radius on the machine point most distant from centre of turn, m, not more than 15
Axle configuration 4 х 4
Transmission type combined
Power output, kW:
in electric drive mode
in diesel drive mode
Supply voltage, V 660/ 1140
Overall dimensions in transporting position (L x W x H), m 7,2 х 2,3 х 2,5
Weight of the machine, kg, not more than 8000

* Bore drilling is carried out with the compressed air blowing from the compressor mounted on the machine  

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