Hot die forging on the multi plunger press with a force of 1000 tons

The technology of the hot die flash- free forging on a special hydraulic press with a force of 1000 tons allows to produce high-precision forgings with internal cavities and side shoots.

Characteristics of forgings:

  • material – any structural steel, including corrosion-proof and heat resisting alloys of the ХН35ВТЮ type;
  • maximum weight of forgings – 30 kg;
  • coefficient of weight accuracy (CWA) of forgings – 0,7 and above;
  • through the macrostructure which is favorably formed in the process of forging the operational characteristics of parts get better.

The hydraulic multi plunger press with a force of 1000 ton- forces of the P 190401 type is intended for production of forgings of complex shape and with side cavities in the process of the hot flash- free forging in the closed dies.  It is also possible to make open stamping, cold- coined forging, pressing of pipe and profile products.

Technical characteristics:

Force of the main cylinders (total) 1000 tone-force
Total travel of the traverse 500 mm
Operating stroke of the traverse 250 mm
Working space:
open height 
clear dimension
1000 mm
800 mm
Travel of the trunk 1250 mm
Force of pushers:

38 tone-force

18 tone-force
Pressure of working fluid:
in drive cylinders of the traverse and punches
in other cylinders

700 kg/sm2

320 kg/sm2
Number of forgings 40-60 pieces/hour
Installed power requirement 191 kW

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