Builder’s front mast hoist of PMF-2000 type

Builder’s front mast hoist is intended for lifting of various freights weighing from 1000 to 2200 kg to the height up to 100 m. When lifting to the height of more than 15 m the mast of the hoist is attached to the building.

Main advantages of the hoist as compared to other models of competitors are as follows:

  • maximum length of the platform – 14 m which exceeds all other analogue models of this class of hoists;
  • speed of moving of the platform – 12 m/min which is 50-100% higher than that of foreign analogue models;
  • a new generation of the control system with the frequency converter provides a smooth start and a stop of the hoist at low starting current that reduces the wear of mechanisms of the hoist, raises their resource, stabilizes the operation of electric equipment from jumps of the power line and also saves the power consumption;
  • in standard option the control system is equipped with the fault detection system, hour- meter and scheduled service reminder;
  • safety level is increased due to use of the control system of an overload of the working platform, door control system and possibility to connect an air- flow meter. To all that, hoist control system is equipped with a flash- memory, that records and stores information about the recent operations;
  • this hoist fully complies with all the industrial regulatory requirements and documents, including the state safety requirements of the Russian Federation;
  • extended temperature range: from – 40°C to + 40°C, control cabinet  and electromagnetic brakes are heated.

Technical parameters

Length of the operating platform, maximum loading capacity, kg 4,5 / 2200
7,8 / 1800
11,0 / 1400
14,0 / 1000
Maximum lifting height, m 100
Maximum free standing height, m 15
Maximum height with fastening only in the top point, m 20
Width of the platform, m 1,6 … 2,6
Platform lifting/ lowering speed, m/s, (m/min) 0,2 (12)
Max. mast anchor pitch, m 12
Mast section height, m/weight, kg 1,5 / 99
Power supply voltage, V 380
Nominal drive power, kW 2×4
Shipping weight of the heaviest module, kg 3100
Total weight of the hoist (height – 100 m), kg 12000

Safety system:

  • two independent electromagnetic brakes;
  • mechanical centrifugal catcher;
  • electrical safety circuit;
  • electrical interlocking of control system.

Additional equipment:

  • mounting device for lifting a mast section;
  • self- propelled chassis (made upon request).

Additional information in PDF format:

Instruction for installation
Operational manual Part I
Operational manual Part III


Permition to application

Certificate of conformity

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