Subsurface sucker-rod pumps for special operation conditions

Along with serial pumps of the accepted design according to OST and API the subsurface sucker- rod pumps for special service conditions are developed and manufactured.

Subsurface sucker- rod split- flow pumps

 These pumps are used for extraction of high- viscosity formation fluids with high water content.

Special features: an additional oil standing valve is mounted in the middle part of the barrel; tubing liner is connected to the lower part of the pump. The pump is plunged into the oil well so that the end of the tubing liner shall be lower than the perforation interval. The pump running depth and the distance between the two standing valves depend on the specific oil well conditions (water content, viscosity, flowing level in well, depth of the perforation area, etc.)

The application of subsurface sucker- rod split- flow pumps helps:

  • reduce water content by 15-20%
  • increase oil production on average by 1,5 times (even by 2 times or more for some oil wells)
  • reduce water pumping costs and costs for formation water intake and preparation (due to water- cut rates reduction)
  • prolong the life of oil wells for 10-15 years more due to more flexible and complete oil formation production
  • increase the time between overhauls for pumps due to a more effective hose usage, excluding their breakage and self- unwinding.

Developed by JSC “PNITI”,  idea by Koshkin K.: Copyright certificate U 1323743 A2. Certificate of conformity:  ROSS RU.H005 B00139.

Wear – and corrosion-resistant pumps

Pumps are intended for work in the conditions of strong wear from influence of highly aggressive environment and high content of mechanical impurity in the extracted liquid.

 Wear- and corrosion resistant pumps are manufactured from stainless steel of the austenite class 12X18H10T.

The bore of the barrel is exposed to surface hardening with ensuring of a hardness HV 1050-1200 on depth up to 100 µm. Hardening of outside surface of plunger is provided through spraying of wear resistant powder with a hardness of not less than HRA 75 in depth of 0,35 mm. Material of valve pairs: satellite (cobalt alloy), carbide of tungsten or carbide chrome, stainless steel 95Х18.

Subsurface sucker- rod pumps with elastic plungers

Pumps are intended for work in the conditions of aggressive environments with high content of mechanical impurities.

Distinctive feature of this type of pumps:

A new modified material on the basis of fluorine (PTFE) is entered into a design of the pump. Due to unique properties of new elastic material for plunger (high wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, absence of cold flow, high radiation and chemical resistance, elastic deformation), an increase in durability of the pump by 2-3 times in relation to pumps with metal plungers is reached.

Under the influence of the hydrostatic head pressure, the fluorine plunger is retained with its outside surface against the internal surface of the barrel, completely taking up the clearance.


  • no ingress of mechanical particles in space between the plunger and the barrel, resulting in higher barrel wear rates
  • plungers are not subject to corrosion in any aggressive media
  • no plunger jamming even in idle wells
  • stable pump performance during the fluid production with large gas and mechanical impurities contents
  • possibility to increase the plunger stroke without affecting the barrel length
  • repairability due to low barrel wear rates
  • low costs

Our experience in developing and application of different types of pumps has proved the efficiency of special pumps. Functional properties and technical characteristics of special pumps are chosen based on the specific operating conditions. The right choice of pumps helps increase the rates of oil production and the service life of pumps even in very aggressive media as well as helps reduce the round trip costs.


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